Happiness Academy in Noida

Kids need monitoring. They need guided inputs. They need to be introduced to good music, good books, values, ethics, lifeskills…. They need tips on learning how to learn, how to understand what they are studying, how to think positive thoughts and to get out of the rut of forever looking at their smartphones or talking to their virtual friends on social media. They need real peer-to-peer interaction, and certainly they need to get out of their home-school-tuition centre routine. There is so much more to life than just that.

They need a couple of hours every week of letting their hair down — having fun while learning all of the things outlined above. Having spent 37 years as a journalist, 23 of them with the Times of India, and eight with The Speaking Tree, a spiritual newspaper from the same group, I have, I believe, several tips to offer to children aged eight to twelve. These are their formative years and the right age for them to start reading, to start watching the right knowledge channels, and to listen to audio books, the current fad.

It is also the right age to introduce them to spirituality, basic meditation techniques,  simple yoga exercises, pranayama and the power of positive affirmations. Together with this, attending children will be taught excellence in spoken and written English with tips on mastering the English language. That’s something that comes naturally to me as I have spent 10 years of my several decades of work experience as an editor who conducted more than 150 workshops on English language training for Genpact’s elearning division.

All this will be taught to them at my new Happiness Academy at C 25, Sector 33 in Noida — for a small fee, of course. Assisting me in my endeavours will be Arjun Pereira, singer, songwriter and guitarist and a US-Alliance certified teacher of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Arjun will also teach the children the basics of how to strum the guitar and teach them to sing.

The logic of the Happiness Academy is simple. No learning can happen without fun, laughter, music and games. Send your children along to the Academy and if you wish to accompany them, by all means do so, for another small fee, of course. Charges are Rs 500 for classes between 10 am to 12 noon, every Saturday.

Call me on 9810126893 for more details.

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